Jessie J teams up with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj on Bang Bang


It’s a very weird time in Jessie J’s career right not. Her choice to work on The Voice seems to have had a slightly negative effect on her popularity and so her last album didn’t necessarily make the impact we might have expected it to do.

However, she is far too talent to just flit off into the abyss and after impressing A LOT of big people in America, she’s come back guns blazing with a brand…

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Sorry I should say Cheryl Fernandez-Versini but in search of those hits, I know Cheryl Cole is still the name to use. Haha.

Anyway, I was one of the lucky few who got to go to the launch of her debut fragrance, Storm Flower, this week and it was pretty lush as you might expect.

The launch was held at Avenue in central London and while Chezza was a smigde late, she arrived in style thanks to that gorge bridal inspired gown.

She was interviewed by Marvin Humes (of JLS fame) and Cheryl really made it clear that the scent is all about being ‘fresh, clean and floral’.


I managed to get down some of what she said as she explained how she created the fragrance. You can see the full story over on MailOnline.

Chezza said: ‘A fragrance is something I always wanted to do when I had time to get involved. I finally felt I had the time to really get stuck into it now.

‘I always liked to smell fresh, clean and floral. This fragrance makes you feel feminine and elegant. I’ve been working on this from scratch – everything from the scent to the bottle design. I didn’t want to just put my name to a fragrance.

‘The inspiration was that fresh feeling when there’s been a storm. It’s very me. The smell is not too heavy but it’s still long-lasting. I always knew what I wanted and what I liked so it was easy for me to create that base straightaway’.

After the interview, she went to chill out with her new husband and while I can totally see his handsome French charm, I have to admit that he is just a tad too skinny for me.


Either way, she looked stunning and her happy glow definitely has a lot to do with her new beau.


So on to the perfume itself. Unsurprisingly, it is actually really nice. There has been a clear amount of thought behind it, and I really like the bottle design. It’s like looking at a lovely sunset on some exotic island.


And the actual fragrance is just how I like them! Feminine, sweet and floral. But not too floral, as you can totally detect the mix of freesia and peach blossom as well as fruity mandarin and nectarine. It’s finished off perfectly with vanilla, white musk and sandalwood.

I love it and I am more than happy to admit that.

Oh and she worked with Rankin on the promotional imagery and visuals because she’s about that life.

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Cheryl Cole has released her first fragrance, Storm Flower - review Sorry I should say Cheryl Fernandez-Versini but in search of those hits, I know Cheryl Cole is still the name to use.
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The Fifty Shade of Grey official trailer is pretty perfect


Well the hype around this film might well be the stuff of legend in years to come, and after the official trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey dropped, it is so easy to see why…

I don’t even have time to write something fun or clever or insightful when I’ve just witnessed Jamie Dornan turn the creep that is Christian Grey into someone I…

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Sorry Zendaya but Alexandra Shipp is the Aaliyah for me


Alexandra Shipp has been announced as the new actress who is brave enough to step into the role following Zendaya’s departure from the Lifetime movie.


And even Zendaya fans have to admit that one look at relative unknown Alexandra proves that she totally has the look to play our R ‘n’ B fave.


Alexandra is lighter than Aaliyahand have a slightly different face shape but she just has it. For me…

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Quick review: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


I was able to watch a preview screening of Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes last week but work has been so hectic this week that I didn’t get the chance to write up a normal review.


So I’m just going to list all the pro’s and cons you need to know and let you decide if you wanna join Caesar & co for another epic adventure!

1. If you liked Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes then you will already be…

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Book review: What A Girl Wants by Lindsey Kelk

After releasing the gift that was About A Girl last year, Lindsey Kelk is back with even more Tess Brookes goodness for our lives.


What’s it about?

Tess Brookes was the girl with a plan. Now she’s the girl with a choice.

Should she stay in London and start her own advertising agency with her best friend and potential boyfriend Charlie? Or should she head to exciting Milan to pursue both a new…

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Chantel Jeffries found fame by being the girl with Justin Bieber when he got arrested for drag racing earlier this year. Best way to get your name out there in this day and age apparently.


She managed to stay relevant because she’s pretty and a semi-successful model with all the Instagram sass that helps attract followers. And while I quite like her and have no issue with the fact she is working her new found fame in order to build her career, I can’t handle the fact she is on UK soil.

That’s just weird to me. When we first reported the story of her strolling around Westfield’s at work on Monday, I was so baffled. She just looks so out of place here.

But no matter what she looks like, she is continuing to build her name and make her money as she revealed she’s actually in town for a few modelling shoots.


And one big shoot just so happens to be for The Only Way is Essex star Mario Falcone’s clothing line, LaFamillia.

It’s all just too much but hey, she’s been sharing every last step on Instagram and I’ve been stalking either way. Now we just need to wait for Yo Ventura to come and do a fitness DVD shoot with Lucy Mecklenburgh…


Chantel Jeffries is in London and hanging out with Mario Falcone from TOWIE Chantel Jeffries found fame by being the girl with Justin Bieber when he got arrested for drag racing earlier this year.
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VIP: Nair Argan Oil Shower Power Cream review


I have always turned to Nair when it comes to hair removal creams. I think I was 14 when I first wanted to try something other than shaving and Nair came up over and over again as a reliable brand.


So when I was given the chance to review some of the products from their amazing new range, I was definitely excited to test them out during the past few weeks of summer sun.

I was mainly intrigued to…

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Kanye West ranted at Wireless and most of the crowd actually loved it

Kanye West ranted at Wireless and most of the crowd actually loved it



I was at the 2014 Wiresless festival on Friday night and basically had the best time ever as Kanye West treated fans to an amazing performance, full of most of his biggest hits.

He kept the energy levels high for most of the set and he jumped from one tune to another. If you have seen videos of ANY Kanye gig in the past two years or so then you should really know what happens when it’s time for…

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Okay, this has a little bit to do with her hair getting styled but gosh, how precious does little Blue Ivy look out with ma and pa in the Hamptons this week?


With her little afro styled into cute mickey mouse ears, it is safe to say the Beyonce side of her genetics is actually starting to overpower the Jay Z face shape. Thank goodness!


I think she is going to be a cutie and maybe, just maybe, Bey and Jay will feel comfortable enough to let her walk around in public cause she’s got to be kinda heavy by now.

Blue Ivy serving up cuteness to all the haters Okay, this has a little bit to do with her hair getting styled but gosh, how precious does little Blue Ivy look out with ma and pa in the Hamptons this week?
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